Website Analytics For Medical Practices

Website Analytics for Medical Websites

Your medical website has the potential to do much more for you than to attract and provide information to prospective patients. It can give you invaluable insight that can make a tremendous impact on your marketing strategy and ultimately, your success.

How? With Website Analytics.

Website Analytics is an online and up to the minute tool that tracks your websites performance and gives you information about visitors and the way they interact with your site.

The analytics report that you can log into at anytime from any computer or device connected to the internet gives you access to detailed, specific and actionable information and reports about your website, including:

Where Your Visitors Live

This report lets you segment your results by geography. If you have implemented a direct mail campaign or a multiple media campaign, this report with identify any traffic spikes that correspond to your marketing schedule in those geographic areas.

How Visitors Found Your Site

This report lets you know specific information about where your visitors are coming from. If you're paying for your medical website to be listed on a directory such as the Yahoo Directory or Fertility Network, you can see if you are getting new customers by being part of these directories.

What Keywords Were Used

The analytics report will allow you to get a detailed report of which keywords are working, and which words aren't.  Also, make sure that you are targeting the keywords that people are searching.  Why waste your time and efforts being found for a particular keyword if no one is searching for it.

Identifying Pages Visitors Click Most

This report lets you know which pages are most popular and also, which page needs attention.  This report can help you decide if you need to implement a pay-per-click program for particular keywords or simply adjust your advertising where your visitors are spending the most time.

Create a Marketing and Implementation Strategy for Your Website

With this comprehensive analytic report, you will be able to fine tune your website as well as your marketing strategy based on all the information you've received. You can add new text on pages that aren't converting well. You can adjust your marketing message to drive traffic to under visited pages or tweak the message to target the topics that generate the most interest. It can tell you where to market, to whom to market, and what message is working best. 

Can I Add Analytics to My Existing Website or do I Need a New Website?

Website analytics can be added to virtually any website on the Internet.  

If you have any questions about adding analytics to your website, feel free to give us a call at 513-759-4932.