What is a Content Management System Website?

What is a Content Management System Website?

A Content Management System became has become the way of the future in the way general content and blog websites are created because of its benefits.

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a term and has not been endorsed with a solid definition. A CMS can have multiple meanings depending on the scenarios and the person's or project objectives.

In general, a CMS is a type of website design that allows those with very little website design or knowledge, take control of their website like never before.  The CMS allows anyone with an Internet connection to securely log on to the backend of the website and easily edit files, pages, images without crashing the entire website.

Other benefits of a CMS include the ability to give multiple users access to the website for the purpose of editing, creating new pages, adding new content etc.  Each user can be given rights to specific sections of the website that he or she can edit.  

The initial cost of creating a content management system website is more than a static html website but in the long run, the benefits greatly outweigh the static site design.  

CMS Website Modules and Components

CMS websites are known for being open source code.  This is a huge advantage to the end user and customer!  There can be an endless amount of creators in the World for code to be applied to the CMS and the code is found at very low prices.  For example, you are the website owner and want to add a forum to your website.  With a CMS, you can go out and find a forum component that has been prebuilt and simply plug it into your website and configure it to look like it was built specifically for your website.  The forum may cost a couple hundred dollars to purchase and install compared to having a developer create a custom forum for thousands of dollars.  Immediately the CMS design is saving you headaches and money!

A module is very similar to a component.  It is a piece of custom software written to be installed anywhere on your website.  If you want a special toolbar installed on the left side of your page that looks a specific way, simply purchase the toolbar module and plug it in to the spot on your site that you want it and is is complete!  You can simply tell the toolbar which pages that you want it to show up with the click of a button.  Cannot get anymore simple than that!

Website Physician understands that there are many practices that want to be able to control their content and add new items weekly or even daily to their website.  This is why we specialize in the development of CMS website.  for a free quote on building a custom CMS website for your medical practice, please call us at 513-759-4932 or fill out our online contact form and we will be able to provide a free quote for your specific practice.