Can website physicians search engine optimization services help?

Q: I have a website for my medical practice...but it is not appearing on search engines. Can your search engine optimization services help?

A: At Website Physician, we are able to optimize your current website and place it on search engines for a very reasonable price. We optimize each page of your website which will allow search engines to properly place the site where they feel it belongs. Without proper optimization, the search engine simply will leave it off the search engine or place it in a general category. The cost to optimize your website will depend on the size of the website. Most websites can be optimized for roughly $500.

We follow all current regulations set forth by Google, Yahoo and MSN to give the website the best chance of being ranked highly. Once the website code has been optimized, we manually submit the website to the major search engines including Google.

Before the website has been optimized, we will run a set of reports showing the current placement of the website. After the site has been optimized, we will run reports once per month for 6 months showing the dramatic results using your specific keywords.