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At WebsitePhysician, it is our mission to provide professional medical website design and online marketing at an affordable price for all physicians.

Your medical website will be easier, cheaper and quicker to update than print material. You have the ability to edit content with the click of a button from any device connected to the Internet. This will instantly save you money on printing and distribution costs as well.

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Why You Should Choose Website Physician

  • Successfully working with medical practices since 1999!.
  • One on one customer service!  Always speak with the developer who will build YOUR medical website.  
  • Low overhead leads to medical websites at an affordable price.
  • The ability to cater to smaller single physicians as well as larger multiple physician locations
  • All doctors office websites built using a content management system allowing staff to easily UPDATE CONTENT AT ANY TIME!
  • Affordable maintenance packages so the practice never has to worry about the site...EVER!
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Find Frequently Asked Questions HereBelow are a sampling of questions that we are asked daily about building a medical website.

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It is a fact that today the Internet is where most patients go for information. Studies have shown that many people research their medical condition and treatment programs on the Internet before deciding on which medical practice they choose. By creating a professional medical website and effectively marketing it, Website Physician can virtually guarantee increased practice visibility, which will send new patients your way.

Further, it is also our goal to create a website that can assist to streamline patient care & management through the use of online patient education. We offer HIPAA compliant online patient medical forms as well as downloadable patient forms. Online answers to commonly asked questions about your practice, such as contact info, directions, what the patient needs to being with them etc. leads to less time spent answering repetitive questions.

Once we have the content that you want to go on the website, it usually takes on average only two to three weeks to get your site online. This also will depend on the amount of material you would like place online (the size of your site) as well as the amount of graphics desired on the website.

At Website Physician, we are able to optimize your current website and place it on search engines for a very reasonable costs. We optimize each page of your website which will allow search engines to properly place the site where they feel it belongs. Without proper SEO, the search engine simply will leave it off the search engine or place it in a general category. The cost to optimize your website will depend on the size of the website and in most cases, can be completed within a week.

Yes, We offer basic maintenance packages on all of the websites that we create. The packages are based on the size of your website and the amount of estimated changes that you anticipate per month. By choosing a maintenance package, this greatly saves the practice from hourly rates.

We also offer maintenance packages for web sites that we did not create. Also, the website does not need to be running on our servers to have a maintenance package. Click Here for more information about our medical practice website maintenance plans or call us at 513-759-4932 for complete information.

Website Physician creates all of their websites using the latest and best content management system (CMS) platforms. Our preferred CMS systems are Joomla and WordPress.

Each CMS ( whether it be Joomla or WordPress) was created with the end-user in mind. Editing pages, adding images, adding new pages etc. is quick and easy with very little training.

Website Physician is a division of WeDoWebStuff, LLC which has been providing medical websites for practices of all sizes since 1999. We have provided medical websites, maintenance and SEO services for hundreds of clients.

Mobile Medical Websites from Website Physician

Over 1.2 Billion users have browsed the Internet through their mobile phones or a tablet. Mobile Web browsing is quickly becoming the next predominant Internet platform. Should your practice have a mobile website as well?

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Pay-per-click advertising is the practice of purchasing sponsored links on search engine results pages. In many cases, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) can be an integral, ongoing part of any search engine optimization (SEO) campaign.  

When is the most effective time to use pay-per-click advertising?  

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Website Analytics is a service offered by WebsitePhysician.com that allows the administrator or marketer of the medical office website to view detailed statistics about website.  This includes traffic and traffic sources and can also measure conversions and sales. 

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